Know the Marriage Formula Now!


Are you planning to get married soon? Are you in a relationship? Well, read this blog to gain some interesting information about marriage. There are several books and magazines explaining the importance of marriage. But, only very few would display the marriage formula. If you are going to get married, ensure to follow at least one of the following considerations.

A pastor approached a young girl and told that he has found the right match for her. She was shocked to hear but came to know that it was her parent’s arrangement. She agreed to the marriage but told that she wanted to meet and spend every evening with the boy. She wanted to first understand the character and lifestyle of the boy before getting married. It was agreed on both sides. When she started to talk and interact with the boy, she came to know that he does not have any feelings and highly money minded. She immediately dropped the wedding plan explaining the boy’s attitude to the pastor.

The second consideration is the boy’s parents should visit the girl’s family and home and in the same way, the girl’s parent should visit the boy’s parents and family. Apart from parents understanding, the boy and the girl should share some conversations and get to know each other before the wedding.

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