7 Common Causes of Relationship Anxiety

Relationship anxiety is not happening for nothing. Sometimes, it’s resulting from the things beyond a person’s control and sometimes, it’s just created in the mind. Whether it’s just created or resulted from something, one sure thing is that it is triggered by a variety of causes.

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1.    Money Issues – Finances are responsible for causing a lot of anxious moments. A wife can blame her husband for spending recklessly on things they don’t need to buy. The husband suffers from an anxiety attack by blaming himself for not controlling the financial expenses of the family. Money issues trigger anxiety in relationships because they reflect a person’s inability to control his own environment.

2.    If one thing is not happening, it’s the other – One biggest cause of relationship anxiety is that arising problems, no matter how big or small they are, don’t seem to end simply because the person thinks about those things that way. There is no perfect relationship. So why think of future problems when in fact, they’re not coming yet? What if they happened differently? Does it mean that it’s another problem?

3.    Failure to understand what’s causing the anxiety feeling – If the feeling of anxiety is already causing problems in a relationship, it’s important to determine and understand the cause of anxiety. Failing to identify the cause of anxiety can also cause the relationship of both people to fail.

4.    Negative thoughts that produce negative relationships – One of the major causes of having relationship anxieties is negativity. It is insidious. The relationship can slowly turn into a negative one without both partners realizing it. Often, negative relationships are built on small things, and the feeling of negativity is something that can become habitual.

5.    Loss of Trust – In relationships, this is one serious matter to deal with. The most common cause of loss of trust is infidelity especially when the person who committed it is blindsided. Losing trust can also be the result of thinking too much about the future than focusing on the present. The relationship is good as of the moment, but it will eventually turn to sour whatever reason is felt.

6.    Assuming what other people are thinking – to avoid this cause, find out the person’s actual feelings and don’t try to guess them based on actions. Actions are not considered as an accurate basis of people’s true feelings. In some cases, a person misinterprets other people’s actions with their true feelings when in fact they don’t really mean anything at all. That’s the reason a person should not quickly jump to a conclusion that these people are angry at him for whatever reason. It could be like they are just in a bad mood and opted to be alone or they are just preoccupied with something that’s why they forgot to say hello.

7.    Excessive worries about what the future might bring – As mentioned earlier, relationships can be damaged if a person spends time thinking about future problems instead of dealing with the present ones. Anticipating future problems that are not likely to arise as exactly as they were on thoughts can cause inability to deal with the current problems. Chances are, solutions to problems will always be questioned by “what ifs”.