Common Reasons for Divorce


Most of the people think that sexual infidelity remains as the cause for divorce. But it is not right. Here in this blog we are going to discuss some of the major reasons that couples apply for divorce.

Marrying for money: It has become common all around the world. They would start the life in a good and happy manner and end up bringing problems when it comes to money. If you want to take divorce, form one or the other part of time, then what is the reason to spend so much for marriage arrangements and celebration? Problems are common, and if you treat the problem as you are the only person to face, then it would look really big.

Individual identity: Some try to dumb their partner by taking all the responsibilities on own. They would totally feel down, bored up of doing nothing and does not feel a satisfactory in their present life. Moreover, if he/she has previously been a top performer or a renowned professional, then staying dumb would make him/her feel useless to live. They just have to live a fake life doing whatever the partner says.

No intimacy: If the couple does not feel comfortable and understand each other, then there are hardly any chances for intimacy.

Are you ready to Love after Divorce?


Do you want to live a fresh life after your divorce? Is your first marriage was a painful part of your life? Well, it is hard and difficult to forget the past and live a happy life after that painful issue. Most of the people would start to live their life for kids. If they have plans to remarry, then they would make sure that their kid is given equal benefits and opportunities in their new life. It is not good to look for love instead, you can look for a decent relationship after divorce. There are chances to make bad options since you are already filled with more grief and pain.

If possible, you can choose your better half by first dating or getting to know and then agree to the marriage plan. It heals your pain and grief and brings relaxation to your life. If the person is an understandable and good manner, he/she would start treat your kid as their kid and give them equal happiness as you enjoy. There are a lot of differences between dating a guy or girl for the first time and dating a married guy or girl. Ensure to know each other well before planning for any future commitments.