Relationship Issues: When to Fight and When to Let Go

When people get into a relationship, it is always with the expectation that it will be forever. However, we know for a fact that being in a relationship with someone you love and care for is not always a bed of roses. There will be ups and downs, differences which you must settle and issues that you must confront. Some of these issues can be major factors that can affect how you decide whether you will stay on in the relationship or just let it go.

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Ascertaining whether your relationship is worth fighting for or if it’s time to let go can be quite confusing and overwhelming. However, deciding whether to stay or walk away is a very difficult decision that individuals in a troubled relationship should consider. To help you determine when to fight for your love and when to let go, here are some factors to consider.

One or both of you are not happy anymore

If you are not happy anymore with the relationship and your significant other makes you feel lonely and unimportant even if he is around, you should let go. The longer you stay the more miserable you will get, and that does not bode well for both of you and your relationship. Of course, you should only decide to walk away if you have tried all probable ways to rekindle the fire and the happiness that you both felt at the start of the relationship. However, you should set a deadline for trying such since you can’t spend all your life trying to find ways to make each other happy. Life is too short to be spent in misery, hence, don’t waste your time in unproductive efforts.

The relationship becomes a one-way traffic

A relationship is a two-way traffic. Both parties should make effort to contribute to its growth and compromise when necessary. However, if only one partner is trying to make the relationship work; if the other always ends up giving in and making sacrifices to maintain peace, then by all means LET GO. If you have tried talking with your partner and getting to the issues that bother you but your significant other just try to downplay it or totally disregard your effort, then you don’t have any reason to stay.

One of the partners is habitually cheating

If your partner is cheating on you and you find out that it is not just a one-night stand affair, then it’s time to let go. Of course you can opt to just forgive your partner and give them another chance. However, if you had been routinely doing it every time your loved one cheats, then it is high time that you re-evaluate your values and priorities. Are you really willing to stay in a relationship wherein your partner habitually cheats on you? Whether it’s the woman or the man doing the cheating, there’s no excuse for the behavior when done repeatedly over the course of your being together.

Abuse in the relationship

When your partner is emotionally, mentally or physically abusing you and despite standing up to them or avoiding circumstances that gravitate towards abuse, they still continue their unwarranted behavior then you should walk away and never look back. Nobody has the right to hurt or torture you and you should not let anyone do it to you.

Bailing out from a relationship is a hard decision, especially if you really love the other person. However, if the other person is not making you feel loved, treasured and takes you for granted most of the time then there is no reason anymore for you to linger on. You can fight for the relationship if you feel that there is still hope that your partner will change for the better or you feel that he or she loves you but just don’t know how to express such love for you. Nonetheless, if after trying for several times you still end up feeling alone despite their actual presence, then it’s time move on. You can’t live your partner’s life. If they are not willing to do their share in the relationship, then don’t sweat it out. Great relationships do not entail sacrifice and misery.